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Frequently Asked Questions

How available are you?

Typically, we are available M-F 8 AM – 4 PM CST, but we may also respond outside of those hours when we’re able.

How should I contact you?

Use the contact form below, and we will be in touch. You can also e-mail info@gliddenholt.com. If you’d prefer a phone call, use the form or e-mail address to schedule one with us.

Can you look over last year’s taxes to see if they can be improved?

Yes, but we will need to see your tax return in order to quote you for the service.

What information does GliddenHolt need to perform bookkeeping services on my behalf?

We will need access to your E-commerce accounts and banking accounts.

What information does GliddenHolt need for tax preparation services?

We will need your company information and financial documents.

What company entity should we use (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)?

LLC is the most common for this industry.

Can you help in the transition process if we change from LLC to something else?

Yes. Contact us so we can talk through how we can help and pricing.

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