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GliddenHolt & Associates specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-filing services for E-commerce sellers. Our expert team of CPAs, tax professionals, and E-commerce veterans has the experience and real-world knowledge necessary to keep up with the pace of E-commerce today. Whether you sell on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Etsy, Shopify, or anywhere else, we can take care of you. We can handle your bookkeeping and accounting, sales tax filing, year-end tax preparation, and more to keep you fully compliant and as profitable as possible. Contact us today!

Why do you need our help?

If you’re an experienced online seller, you probably had a moment where it hit you just how complicated the accounting and bookkeeping side of the business can be.

If you’re not experienced, you’re probably just hitting that point (or about to). In order to be successful selling online, you need to focus on what brings in profit: better products, better listings, and more sales. Unless you’re an experienced E-commerce bookkeeper, trying to do the accounting on your own can require a huge investment of time and money. That pulls you away from what will help your store be successful, and that’s where we come in.

We are experts on accounting and bookkeeping for E-commerce because we are accountants AND experienced online sellers. We saw the lack of these services available in this market and decided to create GliddenHolt & Associates to offer what was needed most. Our hope is that by doing some of the backend work for you for a reasonable cost, you’re able to better focus on the right things. We offer full-fledged accounting services for E-commerce sellers, a sales tax reporting/accounting bundle, and year-end tax filing. Check out our services offered below for more information.

 Also – with our partners at DBC Limited and eCom Elite Consulting, we offer full online store automation for Amazon and Walmart Marketplace stores and a wide range of other services. Check out our full family of companies on the About Us page!



Starting at $320.00/month

(Up to 3 accounts, 12-month agreement)

  • Daily Bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online
  • Online Access to your financial performance
  • Monthly Bookkeeping and bank reconciliation
  • Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports

(Any bookkeeping back-work needs to be quoted)


Starting at $119.99/month

(12-month agreement)

  • Complete management of tax-fillings for your Ecommerce store including filing, tracking, and making payments on your behalf
  • Covers all 10 required states plus your home state
  • Requires existing state registration and login**

**State Registration Assistance: We can set up your State Registration and Login for $247
(let us know if you need this service prior to applying)


Starting at $385.00/month

(12-month agreement)

  • Includes everything from the E-commerce Bookkeeping & Accounting and the Monthly Sales Tax Reporting services bundled as one service 
  • Pricing is based on up to 3 accounts
    (more will need to be quoted)
  • Pricing is based on having an existing state registration and login


Starting at $599.99 for LLC

Starting at $799.99 for S-Corp

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